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Niko Huttunen

I’m a creative problem solver who loves to challenge himself in the dwells of game audio. I want to create holistic sonic experiences where the line between sound design and music is blurred and there’s only seamlessly organized ear-candy. I find game audio intriguing because I can combine my inner detail-oriented technical engineer with bohemian artist and break boundaries, stumble to happy accidents, sculp sceneries, educate myself and create immersive audio adventures.

When I’m not crafting interactive experiences I might be solving boulder problems at the nearest climbing gym, recording inspiring source material, rocking out in some random place with my band Porkka Playboys, enjoying good smoked whiskey and listening vinyls or most likely just hanging out with my family. But most of all.. I’m always ready to ride a new sonic wave, so don’t hesitate to contact and we’ll start making some noise!

Master of Arts
Sound in New Media
Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Master of Arts
University of Jyväskylä

Vocational Qualification in Music
Study programme in music technology
Palmgren Conservatory

Jul 2017 – Present
In-house sound designer for an independent game studio

Duties include among other things: creating in-game audio assets and implement them using Wwise and in-house tools mixing and editing, audio troubleshooting and fixing audio bugs, recording new source material cleaning recordings with iZotope RX, mastering music for trailers and marketing purposes. Designing audio features and executing them. Documenting projects process and used tools. Music managering with outsourced composers.

Released Titles

Trine 4: Melody of Mystery (DLC)
Sound Designer and Music Manager
Additional Sound Design
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
Sound Designer and Music Manager
Nine Parchments
Sound Designer

Jan 2012 – Present
Sound design and music for videogames
and other interactive and non-linear media.

Sound design and implementation with Wwise for adventure puzzle co-op game.

Music and sound design for interactive novel for iPad. Implementation with FMOD.

Run 4 Your Life
Sound design and music for Game Jam game. Implementation with Wwise.

Sound design and music for mobile game done in Game Jam. Implementation with Wwise.

Save The Plant
Composed music and semi-generative music system with Wwise for mobile puzzle game.

Music and sound design for student clone game project. Inspired by legendary Bubble Bobble.

Also series of smaller mobile games where I provided assets.

DanceTheatre MD
Mar 2012 – 2017

In-house sound designer and sound engineer in a contemporary dance company.

Position also included composing and arranging music, dialogue recording and editing. I also worked as a musician and performer. Responsible for video projections, screens, equipment maintenance and purchases. On gigs and tours working as a technical manager.Productions

Mikä **t*n Pikku Prinssi?
Choreographed by Elina Jakowleva-Mäkelä.
Premiere 14.11.2015.

Myrsky – Storm
Choreographed by Anniina Kumpuniemi.
Premiere 28.2.2015.

Hyppy – Leap
Choreographed by Tommi Kitti.
Premiere 5.11.2014.

Pieni Lelukauppa
Choreographed by Mari Rosendahl.
Premiere 2.5.2014.

Choreographed by Ari Numminen.
Premiere 21.11.2013.

Choreographed by Sulevi Sihvola.
Premiere 29.10.2013.

Sky Walker
Choreographed by Liisa Pentti.
Premiere 19.2.2013.

Choreographed by Mari Rosendahl.
Premiere 30.11.2012.

Ronja Ryövärintytär
Choreographed by Anniina Kumpuniemi.
Premiere 11.10.2012.

2002 – present

From theatre productions to busking in the streets. My main instrument is guitar, but I can also deliver something equivalent to music with piano and various wood or brass instruments.